Professional Foundation Acting Course - Incorporating HNC in Acting and Performance

One Year Foundation Acting Course (incorporating a HNC in Acting)

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Is this you?

You didn’t make it into drama school this year, or you know you’re not ready yet. OR perhaps you know that you want to act, but you don't have enough experience yet. This is the course for you. 

You’re hard working, committed, and determined to become an actor. You’re creative and sensitive, you feel you would blossom in a professional training environment. You sound like 

You don’t want to waste a year at a local college, you know they can’t offer you the intensive professional coaching, but London-based foundation courses are short, expensive and the cost of living is ridiculous - who can blame you for wanting to avoid that?


Why you should choose this Foundation Acting Course?

Our Foundation Acting Course is aimed at grounding you in professional actor training and preparing you for further professional training.

The course is an intensive one year foundation (incorporating but MUCH more than just a HNC in Acting) specifically designed to prepare you to move towards your goal of a professional acting career.

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Our intensive one-year foundation acting course (HNC Acting) was created specifically to prepare you to move onwards to professional training courses at a higher level.

Our course aims to empower you to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to make you into the type of candidate that drama schools accept. Over the years, we've trained hundreds of drama school applicants privately. Now we're turning all of that knowledge and experience into a Foundation Acting course.   

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